Wow Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit - The Best Acne Treatment Kit for Men & Women in India

Erase Acne Totally from your face with Wow Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit . Get Acne-Free Skin like never before only for ₹1999 ₹999. 3 Great Products to root out Acne Breakouts - Wow Acne Foaming Facial Cleanser, Wow Acne Exfoliating Gel & Wow Acne Hydrating Serum.

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It is a really effective step by step solution that clears up acne, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, redness & acne scars. VISIBLE POSITIVE RESULTS in just 3-4 WEEKS of regular use as advised.

*Takes 3-4 weeks of regular application to show visible positive results


Wow Skin Science Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit

Wow Fairness Cream - Best Fairness Cream in India

Powered With 100% Natural Botanical
Anti-Acne Bioactives to Give You Clean, Clear & Acne-Free Skin

WOW Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit is the truly effective anti-acne solution you must get to get rid of acne and all its associated big and small problems – redness, zits, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, rashes, scars – for once and all. The three products in this kit work as a team with their clinically proven anti-acne bioactives and soothe redness, minimize acne breakouts, balance skin oils, fade scars and marks, and leave skin clean and clear. It is the best acne treatment kit available in the market.

WOW Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit has three amazing products that you need to use one by one (strictly as directed on the kit):

STEP 1 - Cleanse your face with WOW Acne Foaming Facial Cleanser

Wow Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit - Best Acne Treatment Kit

This acne-specialist skin cleanser has Salicylic Acid plus Neem and Basil extracts to balance skin oils, unclog pores blocked by dead skin cells and dirt and remove acne bacteria.

STEP 2 - Exfoliate with Wow Acne Exfoliating Gel

Wow Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit - Best Acne Treatment Kit

This acne-specialist exfoliating gel comes enriched with 100% natural microbeads that burst to release Salicylic Acid and Neem extract directly on acne for rapid relief. Glycolic Acid adds a mild peeling effect to refine pores, reduce fine lines and brighten skin.

STEP 3 - Moisturize with Wow Acne Hydrating Serum

Wow Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit - Best Acne Treatment Kit

This oil-free acne specialist moisturizing serum comes powered by Hyaluronic Acid and natural Neem & Aloe Vera Extracts. It keeps skin intensively moisturized without any greasiness and also encourages new cell growth for natural skin healing and repair.

Take up this skin regimen. Within a few days positive results will start showing up.

Total Acne Relief Is Now Possible

WOW Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit contains these three products –cleanser, exfoliating gel & hydrating serum – to give you a complete acne solution that works step-by-step to bring your skin relief from acne like never before.

Regular use of the three products in the WOW Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit gives following benefits:

Redness and inflammation start disappearing from your face.
Itching and burning sensation on acne riddled areas starts going down.
Blemishes left behind by older acne start fading.
Blackheads and whiteheads start drying up and disappear gradually.
New acne breakouts become less and less.


Priyanka's Review

“Whenever i love something, i love to share it with you. Go ahead and purchase this. ”


Ivy's Review

“It helps remove acne & helps avoid future breakout.”


“This is the perfect good riddance to acne wonder”

Shirley D’Souza

“I could never have believed if I hadn’t experienced it myself on my face. My acne is actually gone after barely one month of using this kit. Full marks. Wonderful Experience.”

Akhil Arora

Here is a look at the key bioactives present in WOW Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit and their targeted anti-acne skin improvement actions:

The Best Acne Treatment Kit in India.

SALICYLIC ACID – Present in Wow Acne Foaming Facial Cleanser and Wow Acne Exfoliating Gel – Sloughs off acne causing dead skin cells to clear clogged pores. Also soothes inflammation and reduces dark spots left by acne.
TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL – Present in Wow Acne Exfoliating Gel - One of the most powerful (and safest) natural bacteria killers. Kills acne bacteria, soothes inflammation.
BASIL EXTRACT – Present in Wow Acne Foaming Facial Cleanser - Kills acne bacteria, soothes inflammation and de-stresses mind (proven fact that stress leads to acne).
NEEM EXTRACT – – Present in Wow Acne Foaming Facial Cleanser, Acne Exfoliating Gel and Wow Acne Hydrating Serum – Kills acne causing bacteria, tightens enlarged pores, heals acne lesions.
GLYCOLIC ACID – Present in Wow Acne Exfoliating Gel - A natural fruit acid derived from sugarcane juice. Fades acne scars, increases resistance to future acne breakouts.
ALOE VERA EXTRACT – Present in Wow Acne Foaming Facial Cleanser, Acne Exfoliating Gel and Wow Acne Hydrating Serum - Reduces itching, burning and redness caused by acne, fills indented acne scars, boosts skin’s self healing powers.
HYALURONIC ACID – Present in Wow Acne Hydrating Serum - A natural polysaccharide (made of sugars) that heals acne scarring, gives deep moisturizing and improves skin’s smoothness and suppleness.


Customer Reviews

Thanks to WOW Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit, men and women all over the world have rediscovered clean, clear and acne free skin. Read on to know what they have to say about their experience.

“Amazingly good. Super awesome at clearing up acne. My teenage daughter’s pimples have finally been tackled. Can’t tell you how much difference it has made to my daughter’s self confidence.”

- Suvidha Bajpayee, Dehradun

“This works. I had tried many creams and lotions but my acne would not ever go away. Finally after using this awesome kit’s three products, I seem to have thrown out acne from my face and life.”

- Anita Garg, Delhi

“Recommended by a friend so took a chance. 99% satisfied with its performance. Good stuff that delivers acne reduction it promises.”“

- Srinivasan., Coimbatore

Check out this video a blogger sent us about acne & pimples

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use WOW Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit?

Twice a day, clean face with Wow Acne Foaming Facial Cleanser. Just massage onto wet skin, lather and rinse off. Once a day, after cleansing the face, apply a thin layer of Wow Acne Exfoliating Gel on cleansed acne-affected areas. Do not rinse. After cleansing & exfoliating, apply Wow Acne Hydrating Serum on face using fingertips. Massage gently.


Are these products – cleanser, gel and serum- safe for my sensitive skin?

Yes! All the three products in this kit are made from gentle yet effective plant sourced ingredients that have no adverse side effects. However, you can consult your medical professional or dermatologist before starting use.


What’s this spot therapy that this kit promises?

WOW Acne Foaming Facial Cleanser and WOW Acne Exfoliating gel have been infused with tiny and 100% natural microbeads filled with Salicylic Acid and Neem Extract. When you massage these on your face, these beads burst gently ‘on the spot’ and pour out their potently anti-acne bioactive ingredients directly on the acne to remove dead skin cells (one big cause of acne) and neutralize acne causing bacteria. This spot on anti acne treatment is called spot therapy. As of now, WOW Acne Deep Impact Treatment Kit is the only acne treatment in India to offer this beneficial feature.


How does this kit do what it promises to do – get rid of acne, blackheads, redness, itching etc?

The reason for this kit’s effectiveness lies in its bioactive ingredients that are all plant sourced and each one is clinically proven to be beneficial in acne and its symptoms. Acne is caused by bacteria that develop in skin pores clogged by dead skin cells. Tea tree essential oil as well as basil and neem extracts kill these bacteria. Basil extract also de-stresses mind (stress and acne are linked). Neem extract kills bacteria and also tightens pores to stop clogging. Salicylic acid removes dead skin cells that clog up pores and give rise to acne. It also soothes redness and helps fade scars. Glycolic acid lightly peels skin to help fade scars and stop new breakouts. Hyaluronic acid increases skin’s moisture content to fill up acne lesions and add smoothness to skin. All in all, you get total acne control.


Why should I buy a kit with three products? Why can’t I buy single product anti-acne solutions?

A single product treatment can offer only limited benefits. A complete kit with multi-step products and complementary bioactive ingredients work in tandem to give longer lasting and more visible freedom from acne.



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